Intelligent Way of Grinding

・ Aging of labor force

・ Improving 3K workplace for human resources

・ Stabilize quality and reducing time

・ Mechanize grinding of narrow parts

・ Simply saving labor cost
Burr grinding of workpieces with complex shapes, cutting of dams. XCEED technology makes all possible.
XTG Overview
Adaptable to complicated shape products.
High quality robot
A grinder on a 6-axis robot made in Japan. This unit supports various type of grinding by combination with index table.
Floating mechanism
Equipped with a floating mechanism. Achieve a smooth swing motion. Prevents errors due to overgrinding and overload.
Automatic tool changer
Automatically change tools by program. Simplifies the process by eliminating the trouble and time of replacement. Higher safety and lower defect rate.
Work efficiency
Dimension accuracy and surface accuracy due to the reproducibility of robot systems. High quality finishing while maintaining the working speed.
Clean working environment
Dust-proof and sound-proof design for worker's health. Easy to clean up with maintainability friendly structure. (Noise: 85 dB (A) or less)
Energy Saving
Minimizes the number of motors and greatly reduces power consumption and running cost compared to other deburring machines.
​Work weight Maximum 30kg * Including work jig
​Work size 400mm or φ500mm x H300mm or less
​Handling arm 6-axis vertical articulated robot
​Degree of freedom 7 axes (Robot 6 axes + index table)
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